Book Reviews

Yes, I do tend to read five books at once. Call it my reading vice.

While this blog originated as a science blog where I posted nearly exclusively on peer reviewed papers, it’s morphed over time into a science and nature book review blog. This is, in part, a response to the contraction of my free time after I became a mother in the summer of 2012, and it became impossible to post substantive work on a regular basis. But I’ve discovered that blogging book reviews allows me the mental space to read with care, to study other writers and their works, and to learn new things. As a professional writer, I’ve found this to be an immensely satisfying use of my limited time. As of 2014, I’ve posted around three dozen book reviews here.

As a published author myself, I grok the value of a good review. As such, I refrain from posting reviews that are wholly critical or negative; if I don’t enjoy a book, I simply won’t review it. However, for the books I enjoy enough to write about here, I won’t hesitate to include critical points on minor issues mixed in with a spirited and detailed discussion of everything else that I appreciated, enjoyed, or was awed by.

As a very recent addition, I’ve begin asking authors for guest posts — either excerpts from their published books or essays they may want to contribute here related to their published work. The books I most enjoy are non-fiction works dealing with nature, natural history, wildlife, ecology, conservation, and the environment — but I’m happy to consider reviewing books in other topic areas too. (And yes, I’m open to being contacted by publishing houses about reviewing new releases. I have also provided blurbs for book covers related to conservation.) I gravitate to books written for general audiences, and I’m always in search of authors to enjoy who create interesting characters and who have a unique voice. Peruse the list below for my latest reviews. Readers can contact me at: delene {at} nasw {dot} org.

General audience science, nature, wildlife and environmentally-themed books

Academic or higher-education audience science books

Author Question & Answer Interviews & Author Guest Posts

Caveat #1: Please contact me about finished books only. I prefer to not review galley copies.